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The face behind Canary Hill is Carol Struyf.

Born in the country where cycling is a religion.  Crunches kilometers in the beautiful surroundings of Flanders (I must admit: avoiding cobbles), in the woods of the Ardennes and appreciates some uphill in the Alps.

Does not understand the problem why functional and cool seem so hard to combine in cycling gear for female riders. And therefore decided to deal with the issue herself.

Got the first "yes!" of inspiration while climbing the Kanarieberg in Ronse, Flanders (Canary Hill – got it?).  A pair of wings on the back of a black jersey would make a great mental complement to the sportsdrink and energy bars.

What else?
Enjoys a cup of coffee (black, no sugar) as much as a cold beer
Needs music to function properly: from ABBA to Iron Maiden and everything inbetween
Rides a bike for fun and because nothing can beat the feeling of being out there on your bike.  All the rest are just pleasant side effects
Desperately looking for a way to make a day last longer than 24 hours
Motto: “ Dream big, Pedal hard ”